Together to success.

We help you achieve your aims. Together we develop strategies matching your business concept. Supporting and consulting with professionals is as important to us as supporting newcomers and nonprofessionals.

The selection of products, quality of products, and our many years of experience are integral to our consistent product-line of equipment, accessories, raw materials and packaging materials. Fair conditions are therefore naturally a part of our concept.

Our enormous product range includes everything about Popcorn, Nachos & Dips, Slush, Crêpes, Waffles, Almonds, Nuts, Kkernels, Couvertures, Gingerbread, Cotton Candy, Sweets, Syrups, Toppings, Baking and Dough Mixtures, Churros, Donuts and much more.

New trends and fresh ideas from the food sector are being noted, then realized and developed by us for creative and profitable solutions.

It is important to us that our customers know what matters. Therefore we think it is necessary for them to receive important information about the equipment and raw materials.

Our free-of-charge subject specific workshops, under the supervision of international professionals, will bring you up-to-date on our business and merchandise in an enjoyable atmosphere, all while conveying know-how, tips and ideas.

Ask us. We are pleased to help you.